Two cases of Far East won the provincial enterprise innovation competition award

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On July 13, for the development of the core strategy for the implementation of the innovation, in-depth implementation of "enterprise r&d high quality improvement plan", accelerating the construction of high level research and development of new institutions, stimulate enterprises, research institutes, new innovative research and development institutions, exploring to build enterprise (r&d) of science and technology personnel own "holiday", the Enterprise (r&d) Innovation Contest the second conference in zhangjiagang (suxichang) trials was held by science and technology department of jiangsu province, jiangsu province, to promote enterprise development agency to guide construction work joint conference office, council for the promotion of enterprise research and development institutions in jiangsu province, jiangsu institute of science and technology intelligence, in the second jiangsu zhangjiagang.

After the preliminary evaluation of the cases by experts, a total of 22 excellent cases entered the selection. Among them, two cases of Fae East are shortlisted: the Far East cable co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: the far east cable) "white crane spreads its wings Off China -- Far East cable crane project of letan hydropower station hanging cable independent research and development innovation cases and the Far East holdings group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: the Far East holding group) of the silver wind energy, help double carbon - far east wind booster cable wind power industry development model innovation cases.

Far East Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Far East Stock  code: 600869) Xu Jing, chief technology officer of cable industry, Zhou Feng, technical service officer of electric cable R&D service department of cable industry technology research institute, Wang Liang, technical service officer of environmental protection cable R&D service department, Liu Xue, R&D engineer of electric power cable R&D service department, and Zhu Xiaojie, project management engineer of scientific research service department took part in the competition on behalf of Far East.

Far East Teams

In the competition, Liu Xueand Wang Liang respectively represented Far East Cable and Far East Holding Group to give a speech on innovation cases. After fierce competition and comprehensive on-site professional evaluation and public evaluation, Far East Cable won the second prize with an excellent score of 93.11, and Far East Holding Group won the third prize with a score of 90.66. Both cases have been highly praised by professional judges and public judges, and they intended to have further communication offline.

The second prize winner (the first on the left is Liu Xue, a contestant of Far East Cable) 


 Third prize winner (second from left is Wang Liang, a contestant of Far East Holding Group)  

Group photo

This outstanding achievement has not come by easily. It is the greatest recognition and praise for the work done by Far East in innovation, talent, industry, education and research. Over the years, Far East has always adhered to innovation and made great efforts to create an innovative environment, continuously improving the innovation ability of employees, and gradually formed the core values of "customer-oriented, contributor-oriented, passionate dream, honest and pragmatic, innovation and excellence, self-criticism, and spirit of win-win". Under the guidance of "innovation and excellence", Far East not only promotes product and technological innovation, but also actively promotes organizational innovation, management innovation and strategic innovation. It not only realizes the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise itself, but also drives the whole industry to transform and upgrade to high-end manufacturing services. Innovation has been the foundation of Far East's rapid growth in the industry and its leadership.

Innovation cannot be separated from talents, and only more outstanding talents can make continuous innovation. Taking talent as enterprise development in recent years, the Far East of the intellectual support and strong engine, always adhere to the "respect for people, cultivate people, achievement" the concept of choose and employ persons, actively building a "choosing, using, cultivation, leaving, firing" full cycle talent service system, establish a meritocracy with the inclusive attitude, making talents come into it, retain,and make achivement. Far East not only continues to optimize the talent incentive system, adhere to the "contributor-oriented" concept, through performance management, the organization's performance objectives are implemented layer by layer to departments and posts, and set relevant provisions in the salary, employment, promotion system, to encourage employees to take the initiative to improve professional skills. Moreover, it has continuously strengthened talent education and training, and formulated all kinds of talent training plans and programs to provide strong support for enterprises to train talents independently. At the same time, we actively carry out school-enterprise cooperation with colleges and universities to train professional talents in a targeted way. Every year, we recruit more than 200 graduate and undergraduate students from 211, 985 and overseas excellent universities and enrich them into the talent team.

Innovation also requires industry-university-research cooperation. Far East always adheres to technological innovation as the driving force for development, relying on the platform of national enterprise technology center, national post-doctoral workstation and academician expert workstation, and has established industry-academy-research cooperation with a number of research institutes. At the same time, the Far East has been increasing its investment in scientific research and the introduction of scientific talents. Through multiple measures, the company has developed no less than 20 new products every year, applied for no less than 60 patents, and participated in the formulation and revision of no less than 10 national and industrial standards.

Innovation has always been a priority for the Far East. In the face of new opportunities and challenges in the future, Far East will further accelerate the construction of talent team, cultivate more and more outstanding talents, strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutes, develop more new products with leading level, and finally realize the strategic goal of becoming a great enterprise in the global industry. To make contributions in the Far East to the realization of the "Chinese Dream" of national prosperity, national renewal and people's happiness.

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