Far East and Yibin signed a contract Investing 6 billion yuan

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On the afternoon of April 22, Chen Jing, who is a senior partner, a member of the Party committee and director of Far East Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. (abbreviated Far East Stock  Code:600869) Executive General Manager of Cable Industry signed a formal agreement with Yibin Sanjiang New District and Nanxi District, and the Far East Intelligent Industrial Park project with a total planned investment of 6 billion yuan and an annual sales of 20 billion yuan was officially launched in Yibin, which is regarded as "the first city of the Yangtze River". The project is an important part of Far East Holding's "1+10+3" global strategic layout.

The following guests were invited to attend the signing ceremony: Yi Yang, Deputy Director of Sichuan Province Bureau of Economic Cooperation; Chen Mengkun, a group member of Provincial Agricultural Rural Hall Party and Total Agronomist; Shouhui, Secondary Inspector of Provincial Development and Reform Commission Liu; Yang Jian, Secondary Inspector of Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology; Zhong Bin, Secondery Inspector of Provincial Department of Commerce; Xu Qun, Director of the Office of the Provincial People's Government in Shanghai; Du Ziping, Mayor of Yibin Municipal People's Government; Chen Zheng, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress; Xie Jie, Chairman of the Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference; Huang He, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yibin Municipal Party Committee.

At the same time, relevant leaders attended the meeting from Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, CRRC Corporation, Jingdong Group, Ningde Times, Chuanhua Zhilian, Naquin Group, Shanghai Core Technology, Beijing Oriental Yuhong, and Dazu Laser Technology Industry Group.

Leaders from Far east holding group attending the signing ceremony are shown as follows: Jiang Chengzhi, vice chairman and chief executive officer, deputy secretary of party committee and chairman industry; LangHua, senior partner and group director, Wang Chuanbin, senior partner, senior consultant and chief expert of cable industry; TengFeng, senior partner, cable industry supervisor and chief production services officer; Xu Jing, senior partner and chief technology officer.

This signing activity is an important part of the activity "2021 famous enterprises and business associations enter Yibin" organized by Yibin Municipal People's Government. The participating leaders of Far East Holding and Far East Stock also took this opportunity to fully appreciate the characteristics of Yibin, and its good business, industrial and living environment left a deep impression on the enterprises.

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