Striding forward on a new journey and forging ahead in a new chapter -- a review of the Far East in the first half of 2021

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With the centenary birthday of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Far East is united in heart and strength, paying tribute to the charm of The Times with ingenuity and writing a new chapter with actions. Let's review the bright moments of the Far East in the first half of 2021.

Innovative research and development, and support national key projects

In 2021, as an industry leader, Far East will continue to provide core support for many national key projects with its favorable production and technology research and development, create unique value and promote the country's development to a new stage.

On May 20, the first overseas reactor project of Hualong 1 completed stable operation for 100 hours, and all performance indicators reached the standard, officially entering commercial operation.

As early as 2013, Anhui Cable cooperated with China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., successfully overcome the technical difficulties of cables for the third-generation nuclear power plants, and developed the "Hualong 1" in-shell and outside-shell core cables for the stack type.

The Baihetan hydropower station on the Jinsha River was completed on May 31, and the first batch of units officially went into operation on June 28.

Far East Cable provides vertical cable laying for the deep dam well independently developed and designed by Baihetan Hydropower Station, and provides targeted overall vertical cable laying scheme.

On June 21, Yazhong - Jiangxi ±800 kV UHV DC project was officially put into operation. During the construction, Far East Cable provided a large number of 1250m square meters of steel-core aluminum strand wire products, which helped the smooth progress of the project.

Join hands with strategic partners to open a new chapter of win-win cooperation

Far East cannot achieve today's development without the support of its strategic partners. In 2021, Far East will continue to expand its circle of friends, establish strategic cooperative relations with many partners, unite with the strong, complement each other with advantages, and open a new chapter of all-round cooperation.

On May 10, the 2021 Far East Global Strategic Partnership Annual Meeting and China Brand Day was successfully held. More than 500 guests, including relevant government leaders, well-known entrepreneurs and experts, gathered together to seek the way of enterprise development and jointly look forward to a better future. The signing ceremony with representatives of strategic partners was held at the meeting and awards were given to strategic partners.

In the first half of the year, Far East Holding Group and its subsidiaries signed strategic cooperation agreements with companies such as Yibin, China Railway Construction, Guodian Yuanpeng, China Merchants Bank, EDF Unioneng (China), Longrich, Kingdee, Sumida, Sun Paper, Shanxi Jianbang, Anhui Gujing Group, Shanghai Huaneng and so on.

Tackle key issues in core technologies and strengthen the development of innovation platforms

According to Innovation-driven development, Far East continues to improve its independent innovation capacity and technological research and development strength, to create the best products and services to help build a manufacturing power, and in the first half of 2021, it has won a number of technical honors. At the same time, Far East actively promotes the integration and innovation of manufacturing industry and Internet technology, strongly promotes comprehensive digitalization and comprehensive intelligence, and becomes a digital enterprise with competitive advantages.

In the first half of 2021, Far East won a number of technical awards as follows: Fast-East Composite Technology won the National High-tech Industry Award, the Technical Standard Innovation Contribution Award, the Jiangsu Province Small Giant Enterprise (Manufacturing), Far east cable "10 mw and above wind power with 66 kv high-voltage hardy torsion resistant flame retardant flexible cable" included in the key technical innovation projects in jiangsu province is oriented, "high conductivity hard aluminum conductor preparation technology" won the power second prize of scientific and technological innovation, "smart grid with high strength heat resistant aluminium alloy single wire, wire and its processing technology" for the Chinese patent excellence award, etc.

On May 18, Far East Holding Group was successfully selected as the Intelligent Factory of Wuxi in 2021, and the comprehensive digitization and intelligent effect was recognized by authorities again.

Build a solid foundation of quality and integrity to achieve sustainable and healthy development

Strive for survival by quality, and seek development by good faith. Over the years, Far East has always adhered to the concept of "quality first, brand first", and led the industry to achieve sustainable and healthy development with perfect quality management and after-sales service system.

On March 12, with its emphasis on quality, honesty and advanced quality management mode, Far East Composite Technology successfully passed various reviews and was highly appraised by provincial and municipal leaders, and was officially awarded as "AAA quality credit enterprise in Jiangsu Province".

Accurate brand strategy, build a leading image

All along, Far East has been making every effort to consolidate the cornerstone of its brand, promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises with high-value brands, continuously deepening the brand connotation of "ultimate products and services", actively assuming the mission of a Chinese brand, and displaying a new brand image with precise brand strategy.

In early January, Far East won the 2020 Business Review "Management Action Award", and the Far East Industrial Brand Innovation Management System was recognized again.

On May 10, China's own brand expo opened in Shanghai. Far East Cable was invited to participate in the Expo, presenting a variety of cable products in eight fields, including clean energy, smart grid, green building and smart transportation.

Put contributors first, and create splendid achievement

Talent is the foundation of sustainable development of enterprises. Far East has always taken "respect people, cultivate people, and achieve people" as the concept of talent training. Create a partnership platform to grow together with talents, and those who want to work, can work and accomplish things will have the stage to work and gain.

On January 15th, the 2020 annual innovation case competition was a complete success. At the final scene, contestants reported their plans around the three themes of "management innovation", "production innovation" and "marketing innovation", and awarded the first, second and third prizes for on-site recognition.

On February 20, the annual meeting of 2021 and the person of the year ceremony of 2020 of Far East Holding Group was held ceremonially, and awards were presented on the spot, such as Advanced Worker, Science and Technology Progress Award, Top Ten Outstanding Teams, Best Sales Customer Officer Award, Best Growth Award, and Far East National Craftsmen Award.

June 21, the Far East held the 2021 Yixing City wire and cable inspection skills competition commendation ceremony, for granding awards to the winners.

All hearts turn to the Party, and ceaselessly forward

"A solid Party building means productive forces, a strong Party building means competitiveness, and a fine Party building means cohesion." Far East has been constantly improving and innovating its party building mechanism and promoting the deep integration of party building and enterprise development.

On June 20, the party building case of the Far East was successfully selected into the "National Enterprise Party Building Innovation Excellent Case". In addition, the Far East also signed an agreement with Yixing Municipal Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval for joint enterprise construction to further enhance the creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness of grassroots Party organizations and members.

In June, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Far East organized its subsidiaries to sing a folk song to the Party, and organized a series of activities marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Continuing the struggle, setting sail on a new journey, and standing at the new starting point of the second half of 2021, Far East will continue to unswervingly stride forward toward the strategic goal of "to be no.1".

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